Q: How do you approach birth planning?

A: Pregnancy is about physiology, not pathology. I view pregnancy as a natural physiological state and not a disease to be treated. I want to guide patients through the process of pregnancy, and treat them if something happens to go wrong. I believe in being open-minded toward the physiology of pregnancy and to intervene when needed. If a patient does need an intervention, she is lucky to be at UT Southwestern Medical Center, where we are prepared to handle any issue that may arise.

Q: What is the best advice you can give to a pregnant woman who wants to have a healthy baby?

A: Don’t worry! Select an institution or doctor you trust and feel comfortable with and then put the rest into their hands. Birth is a miracle, and a lot is going to happen in the course of nine months. I want my patients to sit back, relax, and enjoy their pregnancy, and let me take care of any issues that may arise.

Q: What is the one thing you want patients to know about you?

A: When patients tell me about any of their issues, I want them to know that I am genuinely listening and being attentive so that I can find the best solution for them. 

Q: Do you have a birth story of your own to share?

A: I have two! I had my first child in my second year of residency. All of the OBs knew about my bad obstetric history, and they did not want to take any chances with me. When I went into labor, everyone on the unit was looking closely at the heart rate monitors. At the first dip in fetal heart rate, the chair of the department immediately called down to the labor and delivery unit and called in a C-section for me. My doctor was in the room with me while it happened and made the same decision. But everyone in the hospital was watching, even the chair.

For my second child, I was so nervous about the epidural, I didn’t even want to go into the hospital. I called my friend from the parking lot, who told me to come into the hospital. Then, since I am an OB, I asked questions throughout the C-section to make sure they were doing things correctly. The OB was getting so annoyed that he threatened to make me perform the C-section on myself.


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