NovaSure Endometrial Ablation- For Heavy Periods

Heavy bleeding is a problem for many women at different stages of their lives, including women who have had a tubal ligation (had their “tubes tied”), women who have been prescribed hormones and have stopped taking them, or women approaching menopause. These events may cause changes in a woman’s bleeding. Your doctor can help you determine whether you may be suffering from menorrhagia. Talking with your doctor can bring you one step closer to relief.

What is NovaSure?

NovaSure is an endometrial ablation (EA) procedure that provides a solution to heavy periods. NovaSure is also a minimally invasive outpatient treatment alternative to hysterectomy and a choice that avoids the potential side effects of hormone therapy. NovaSure delivers 90 seconds* of precisely controlled radio frequency energy through a thin handheld wand to remove (ablate) the lining of the uterus (endometrium). This is why it is called an EA procedure.

The NovaSure procedure is quick and simple. It can be done without general anesthesia in the doctor’s office or an outpatient setting. After the NovaSure procedure, 97% of patients do not experience pain. It is a minimally invasive procedure that does not require incisions and can typically be done in less than 5 minutes, which is less time than any other EA procedure. Also, unlike other EA procedures, NovaSure can be done at any time during the menstrual cycle and does not require that you receive hormonal pretreatment. Patients can go home the same day and are back to work in 1 or 2 days.

How does NovaSure work?

The NovaSure procedure can reduce or eliminate future menstrual bleeding by permanently removing the lining of the uterus through the quick delivery of radio frequency energy.

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