As part of our commitment to enhance women’s health care, we offer a number of In-Office Procedures for our patients. Many of these procedures allow for the patient to resume her normal activities the next day.



Heavy bleeding is a problem for many women at different stages of their lives, including women who have had a tubal ligation (had their “tubes tied”), women who have been prescribed hormones and have stopped taking them, or women approaching menopause.


This is a nonsurgical procedure that makes a woman sterile (unable to have children). The Essure Procedure can be performed in a doctor’s office without general anesthesia.


If you have a problem with urine leakage or blocked urine flow, your doctor or nurse may be able to help. One of the tools they may use to evaluate the cause of your symptoms is urodynamic testing.

LEEP Procedure - for abnormal pap (cervical dysplasia) 

The procedure should be done when you're not having your menstrual period. This allows a better view of the cervix. In most cases, LEEP is done in a doctor's office or in a clinic on an outpatient basis. It should take only a few minutes.



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