Meet Dr Zarmina Aman

Dr Zarmina Aman, MD

Zarmina Aman, M.D., completed her residency at St. John’s Hospital and Medical Center in Detroit, Michigan. During her residency, she became pregnant and suffered two consecutive miscarriages due to a rare autosomal disorder. After this experience, she knew she wanted to help women who had endured something similar. A research associate position in the Maternal-Fetal Medicine Division furthered this interest in Ob/Gyn.

Dr. Aman is now a proud mother of two young daughters, each with their own “sassy personality,” but her road to motherhood was not easy. After she finally gave birth to one daughter, her husband and physicians were unsure if she could become pregnant again. But Dr. Aman knew in her heart that she wanted her daughter to have a sibling. Six years later, she gave birth to another beautiful baby girl.

For five years, Dr. Aman worked in Montour Falls, New York, where there is a shortage of health professionals in the area. Many of her patients had not seen an Ob/Gyn in years, so she was able to treat difficult cases and patients who had never received care. She was glad to contribute her talents to this community, and found it very rewarding to have helped these women.
Dr. Aman returned to her hometown of Dallas and started working at UT Southwestern Medical Center where she worked as Assistant Professor Obstetrics and Gynecology for three years.

Now she has chosen to serve the female population of Plano, Frisco and there adjacent areas by setting up a state of the art medical practice in Plano.


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